Zebra Birthday Cake

So I have recently come to the realization that it’s really not the baking I love, but the decorating. Quite frankly if I had someone bake for me every time I got a cake order I would be SUPER happy. That way I could just focus on the fun part.

Unfortunately that IS NOT my situation, so I must bake and I must bake it good!!! What  is the point of a pretty cake that doesn’t taste good right??? Anyway I felt as if I had to mention that as my blog seems to be focusing more on decorating rather than actual baking. Which is JUST fine with me :) There are plenty of amazing baking blogs out there.

Anyway I just wanted to quickly share this cute little zebra cake I made for a client. When I get a custom cake order I normally ask the client  what their vision for the cake is. Sometimes they’ll have pictures of other cakes that they want to show me. I am completely fine with this as inspiration comes from everywhere. But I am pretty strict on “copying” cakes. Inspiration is fine but if you are going to decorate a cake why not decorate a design of your own? I made one cake which is not even in my gallery that I was asked to copy EXACTLY for a client. It was the boringest cake I have ever made. The design was super cute, but I had no artistic decision whatsoever. I never again straight up “copied” a cake. Unless it was for exercise purposes.

Anyway after I get the concept of the cake I do a quick little sketch in Photoshop to figure out color and design. Doing this allows me to quickly decorate the cake and make the appropriate decor before hand. It’s also a great way to sample color for your fondant and gumpaste.

It’s also a great way to get the buy off from the client. This is the stage where I allow changes to color and design. Doing this gives the client a better feel of what the end product will look like. They like this :)

Then I create all the decor. In this case flowers, name tags etc.

The flowers are dusted with luster dust and detailed with dust colors and vodka. She also ordered some simple wrapped cake pops and cupcakes. Those are always a cute addition to any cake.

And here is the final cake.

It was super fun. The fondant zebra stripes were put on with vodka after the cake was covered in fondant. I was happy with the results. Next time I will create better leaves.

Thank you so much for looking.

God bless,