Was a Blue Baby Shower

A month or two ago I was asked to bake some goodies for a friend at Dreamworks. The surprise baby shower was to take place this week. However it didn’t quite turn out as we planned.

Unfortunately our lovely Mommy to be was super sick and couldn’t make it to work.  So after all the dreaming of the lovely blue baby shower dessert table I was hoping to put together, we instead devoured the cake in the kitchen  and shared the rest of the deserts with our friends and neighbors! It was a great opportunity to go around and FINALLY give something tasty to our wonderful neighbors.

I didn’t get a chance to get pretty pictures of the cake itself. Instead I snapped a quick shot in the kitchen before everyone ate it.

There was  A LOT of first recipes and technique attempts in this shower.I decided to go a little more romantic with the theme, I know it a boy’s baby shower but I really wanted to do a “pretty” theme for the Mommy.  Normally I would make sugar paste flowers but I was so sick this week I decided to just buy natural.  I had seen this ruffle technique in various places and I have been wanting to try this for a while. It was so hard at first. I had to go around and add straight lines on the cake as guide for the ruffles. Once I got the hang of it wasn’t so bad, until I got to the top that is…

As you can see in the image the top is a disaster! I am total perfectionist so this drove me crazy!! I was so tired and couldn’t get the right look at all. I definitely need to practice this more and get a better tip for the top of the cake. The other problem I ran into was a little bit of lemon zest in my frosting. I had vanilla frosting left over from my cake pops (very little that I didn’t want to waste) which I decided to mix in the frosting for the cake. Not such a great idea… While I was piping occasionally one of the zest would completely mess up my sharp lines by jamming  on the corners of my tip. What a pain!!!

So if you plan on doing this using the smaller pipe DO NOT add zest to your frosting. You can watch a pretty cool video on how to achieve this technique here. She doesn’t actually finish the top which completely messed me up lol.. but she does show you how you can achieve this… Maybe once I finally get this technique down I will post a video about the top :)

The other treat I made for the shower were lemon coconut cake pops dipped in white chocolate. That was super yummy and successful for the most part. I had  some major cracks in some that was a total pain. I ended up patching them up in the end which was fine. I’ll do a tutorial later about how to do that.

For most of my cake pops, I take the extra time to glitter the ends of the lollipop sticks like the above picture . This is a really cheap method of enhancing your pops. You can make them match whatever color the theme is and it brings a little extra glam to the presentation.

Often I like to create a small cake (depending on the number of guests) and provide some mini cupcakes that mimic the flavor of the main cake for the guests that are watching their waste lines.  So here are the mini vanilla cupcakes filled with pastry cream and peaches.

Last are the white chocolate truffles and butter cookies. This was my very first time making butter cookies. I really wanted to create beautiful vintage cookies, but I ran out of time (specifically because I got sick) and had to have my sister decorate them.  She did a good job and I was grateful for her help as always. Though I forgot to tell her to dust the cornstarch off the cookies, so they are a little dusty ;)…. Either way I am looking forward to learning a lot more about decorative cookies.  The Truffles are always a fast and easy way to use up left over chocolate melts. They work great as table fillers.

 I also made Lemon Panna Cotta with Blueberry Compote, but  I didn’t get a picture of it. I’ll post a nice recipe for you later.

This dessert table was designed  for about thirty people. I had a $100 budget, that I ended up using about $70 of.  And with that I was able to create a total of one hundred desserts. Not bad. If you are on a budget the trick is to create a list of desserts that can be made using the same ingredients. You’ll be surprised at the variety and the money you’ll save.

Thank you for looking. I look forward to sharing some recipes with you soon.

God Bless,