Puss in Boots Birthday

Ohh the Puss In Boots Birthday.. how I will never forget thee..

It was my son’s 3rd birthday… And of course due to his crazy obsession with the cool cat, he begged for a Puss In Boots Birthday. He was in heaven! Before we started anything I told him, “We need to pick a theme in the movie and stick to it!”. This makes decorating and planning a lot more feasible.  We both agreed on the “Golden Egg” sequence.

This party was kind of crazy.  I completely planned way too much stuff  and had to rush and get it all done in the few hours we had to set up  (you are starting to see a pattern here huh??). The wind was crazy and my vision of the fake grass on the table didn’t add the touch I hoped for…lol.

If you have never seen the movie. This sequence takes place after they go up on the bean stalk (hence all the green) to steal the golden goose that lays golden eggs…lol.. This party was right around easter so the eggs theme worked out great!

The cake pops are all stuck in styrofoam that I placed under the fake moss mat. Like I mentioned before I wasn’t 100% happy with the “moss look” It ended up looking a bit too realistic and made the cake a little less appetizing ( looked like it was sitting on the ground)…lol.. We had the entire thing setup inside a 10×10 tent that we covered in this plastic table-cloth ( I don’t recommend doing this.. it was a terrible nightmare). We filled the roof with matching shades of green balloons to cover any ugly tent bars. And to make everything come together we played the puss in boots soundtrack in the background. It was a lot of fun.

The cake was made using large easter egg chocolate molds. I made the molds and then layered cake and chocolate ganache inside it.  Later I dusted the entire cake with luster dust and edible gold glitter.You can see where I patched it up as the chocolate shell  did NOT support the cake and started to burst.  Normally I would’ve decorate all around that egg to cover that mess, but time was running out.  It was the first time I tried anything like this and I learned a lot.

I then made tons of cake pops to mimic the smaller golden eggs and round flowers that surrounded the main eggs in the movie.

These turned out super yummy.  I also had a “green” candy bar with everything green for the kids to get even more hyper.  One of the highlights for the green bar were the very popular ice cream cake pops.

Everyone loves these. They seem cheesy and over done I know. But they are truly a hit every time. Bakerella is a genius!!!

The cutouts where printed then pasted on cardboard. We had all the kids take pictures next to Puss, Kitty and Humpty. It was really cute.  In the end the children all had a good time and loved all the goodies.

If you are struggling for a theme, this is a great way to get inspired. Pick a movie you like, then pick a sequence or theme within the movie and make that the focus of your party. That helps you plan and design the entire decor and entertainment.

I hope this  inspires you to go outside the box and really make up your own decor and theme. In the end you will save money and create something more fun and original.

What do you think?  What are some cool ideas you’ve come up with for birthday parties? Please share, I’d love to see :)



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