Egg & Peanut Free ~ Oreo Cookie Cupcakes

My daughter has severe food allergies. That means that every time I have to bake for someone’s birthday at home or am invited to a birthday party I have to bake some egg/nut free cupcakes/cakes.

This has been a total nightmare. As I normally use apple sauce as an egg substitute. The problem with this is the cake doesn’t hold shape and it normally turns out WAY too moist, crumbling all over the place.

So I have searched and searched for a descent egg free recipe and I FINALLY found one that actually works, is versatile, tastes good and holds shape. The original recipe was taken from  here. But I have made some minor adjustments to my liking.

Here I’ve used this  to make an egg and peanut free Oreo Cookie Cupcake.

The cake was so moist and dense. It rose beautifully and tasted delicious.  These work perfectly for birthday parties as you can’t tell at ALL that they are egg free.

It’s topped with a delicious cream cheese frosting I found here and later adjusted a bit. I added considerably less sugar as I do not like my frosting too sweet at all. I feel a cupcake/cake or anything sweet needs to be balanced. All the flavors need to work together giving a nice rhythm in your mouth :)  Here this frosting does just that.

Also if you aren’t making this recipe for children, add some liquor to the frosting. This always  adds a nice  balance.

Here is the recipe:

Do not worry about the vinegar in the recipe. You can’t taste it at all. The vinegar is simply there for the cake to rise. You normally use the baking powder which already has a mix of alkali and acid to make cakes rise, but here we are using vinegar (acid) and baking soda (alkali) to react with each other and do just that.

Also the dough will be a bit runny, but don’t sweat, it turns out just fine. Have fun making these. They are delicious. Let me know if you have any questions at all.

What do you think? Will you be making some ?

Thank you for looking.





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