Cinderella Birthday

For my daughters fourth birthday she wanted a “Cinderella” Theme.  She was very specific and wanted me to create a castle for her. Normally when I design cakes I look around online for inspiration. I found a lovely pink castle and decided I would try making it with some modifications. There where no how to’s, it was simply a tiny picture. So I did what would make sense to me.  To my surprise it was actually quite easy but definitely time consuming as all custom cakes are. Took me two days to do it ( not nearly enough time) . I am normally super pressed for time between the kids, hubby and my full-time job. But when I have a party to style for I try to plan it as much as possible. And create the necessary shortcuts (ones that wont mess up the vision of course). The vision was to create a more modern castle (small main cake) and have supporting mini cupcakes as the “garden” for the castle. I was pretty happy with the end result but wished I had the time to create prettier flowers, better cupcakes & decor..

The entire castle was edible. It was all created with fondant. To my surprise it hardened well enough to stand. And it was soft enough to eat. The actual round towers had to harden ahead of time so I did those the night before. You can get them round by having them rest on a round mold ( I used pipes I bought for cheap at home depot) dusted with cornstarch. Make sure to cut the window shapes while the fondant is soft to prevent cracking. Just place your flattened fondant on the pipe (or whatever you are using) make sure not to press it on there,  just lay it on to get shape and  once on the pipe do your cutting. This is makes it easier to handle the details. I think I did dust some tylose powder on them (very little) when I laid them out.

The tower tips were made of ice cream cones covered with blue buttercream ( brushed on to get a very thin layer) and sprinkled with disco dust (edible glitter) (do this over parchment paper so you catch the left over dust). Dust is expensive so  using it carefully can make them last a while.

I used green buttercream icing to stick the flowers and rocks to the fondant. This allowed me to add additional “grass” to integrate the flowers & rocks to the ground. These little flowers where from molds. I had a bunch I did before hand. Normally when I know I will need small details to fill my cake I will make tons of it ahead of time to save time later. Because I ALWAYS add more details than anticipated when finishing the cake. I also like to use luster dust  mixed with vodka to add details to the cake. I wasn’t 100% happy with the cupcakes. I couldn’t find my grass pipe so I just spiked up the frosting as much as I could. I also forgot to buy green cup cake liners so I had to use white.

 I really wish I had started this cake WAY ahead of time. There was so much I wanted to add like little mice and an actual fondant Cinderella, but there was just not enough time. If I were to do this theme again I would start these characters way in advance ( which is normally what I do nowadays). My sister was such a trooper again and really helped me out with my pumpkins and threads. She’s like the best helper ever. I model an example of how  to create something and she goes to town, creating a bunch of them for me as I decorate the cake. I’m sure I drive her nuts complaining about detail, but at the end all is still… For the cake pops  I stuck fondant flowers, pumpkins, thread spools, and edible pearls for decoration. These were all put on there using melted chocolate.


These pearls were sprinkled on right after the cake pops were dipped in chocolate. I probably should have timed it a little better so the pearls don’t start to drop and streak.

I also like to sprinkle  edible dust on cake pops and sometimes I like to completely cover the cake pops with it. One other thing that is super cool to add …if  the party takes place at night or indoors are LED lights (normally within the same hue as your tower) to the inside of your towers. This makes it really look enchanting and the children LOVE IT. The LED’s are submersible so you can add them to water. They are a brilliant and cheap way to pump up your decor.  All in all I was happy with the results of my Cinderella Birthday. I learned a lot and can’t wait for the opportunity to try this again with the right amount of time.


Here are a few extra tips if you are interested in making this cake:

  1. Make sure to give yourself plenty of time.
  2. Make the walls of the castle ahead of time so they dry. I used a small letter “I” cooking cutter to cut the little squares out from the top of the walls while the fondant was still soft. Then dusted a flat surface to have them lie on it to try.
  3. Make sure to measure your cake so you know what size to make the walls. If they don’t touch perfectly do not worry. The towers will cover the corners.
  4. Dust cornstarch on all surfaces prior to placing fondant to dry. If you don’t the fondant will stick and you will not be happy.
  5. Corner towers are only half circles ( little more than half). This helps you set the towers  properly on the corners of the cake.
  6. Make extra towers and cones. In case one breaks.
  7. Don’t cover your fondant while it dries out.
  8. Dust a little gum paste powder to your towers and walls to help keep shape. I find that dusting it will help harden it BUT it wont make it so you can’t eat it.
  9. Don’t place your walls on buttercream alone. Cover the cake with a very thin layer of fondant first. Doesn’t matter if the fondant breaks you wont see this layer. But try to get it right so the walls look smooth when you place them. Don’t have any weird lumps. THEN add your walls.  Placing it on buttercream will cause it to slide down when the buttercream softens.
  10. Make all decor ahead of time.
  11. Use vodka with a brush to place walls and towers to fondant covered cake.
  12. Make towers skinny enough to fit inside the ice cream cones.
  13. If the towers fit in the cones just place them on the tower no need to do anything else.
  14. If you plan on delivering this cake, think about possibly adding the top towers when you get to location and you know the cake will no longer be moved.
  15. If you have to assemble it before delivering it then glue down the cones either with melted chocolate (placed on the top edges of the towers, do this fast so the chocolate doesn’t dry). Or brush vodka on the edges and place cones.
  16. Enjoy!

Thank you for looking. I hope this was helpful. If I missed anything or you have anymore questions let me know.

What do you think of this cake?

God Bless,



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